Our Products

What We Do?

Here at Green Nebula we specialize in providing a range of products and services that cater to the online processing market such as billing gateways, affiliate network software and front-end providers. Founded in 2006 Green Nebula is a 100% distributed company meaning that we have no central office and that everyone one of our team members works from wherever they like in the world.




At Green Nebula we pride ourselves on working 7 days a week, something that is displayed with  the 7 shades of green in our logo, which allows us to cover every time zone across the world. We have a culture that encourages continuous learning and transparency across all levels of the team. We find that having this sort of culture allows us to achieve goals at a fast pace by taking away the traditional bureaucracy associated with large companies.



The Name And The Logo

The name Green Nebula is a combination of the two main aspects of our business.


The color green symbolizes wealth which is associated with our range of products aimed at helping our clients achieve their financial goals.


Nebula represents creation, which is built into our company culture and pushes us to constantly reinvent ourselves. We are always working on new solutions as well as optimizing our current products on the market place. Operating a fully distributed company, covering every time zone across the world, allows us to work towards our vision of continuing to innovate, grow and maximize our profits using data.